Common Core

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What is Common Core? 
A video series to get you up to speed quickly.

Meet David Coleman
Meet the lead architect of the Common Core and ask yourself, should this man have this much control of education?

Testimony regarding HB 4276 to prohibit Common Core in Michigan
Some say that the quality of education began to decline when we took prayer out of the schools. But I submit that educational quality declines when we take the “PAYER” out of the schools. That is, the quality declines in proportion to the distance the payer is from the student in the school....

An Avalanche against Global Education Standards
As I researched and wrote about education and pending reforms, I began to see that the long-term goal of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and other proponents of education reform in the United States was a global education standard.    I also began to realize that the single greatest hindrance to achieving that goal is the decentralized approach to education United States....

Pro-testing the Common Core
Many parents and teachers are wondering what can be done to stop Common Core. The battle to defeat the federal takeover of education can be won on many fronts...

Homeschoolers and Common (National) Standards
For years, I said the looming education reforms will impact homeschoolers, in college admission and employment.  Some of my conservative allies and friends laughed at me, or said I was a conspiracy theorist and sucker, for suggesting such foolishness.

Homeschoolers and Data Tracking
National Databases and student tracking are not new to President Obama.  It's been in the work since President Bush and in the blueprint for years before that.    National standards, testing and tracking is the primary reason I started my blog.

Homeschoolers and AP in the era of Common Core
College Board owns Advanced Placement, popular with homeschoolers.  But now that David Coleman is at the helm and it is being redesigned will it be worth it?
The Common Application
Along with Common Core we now have The Common App to provide a more seamless pathway from high school to college.

Work-force Science
How data tracking and "big data" mining will influence work-force development.

The (Pearson) Next Generation Science Standards
The science standards and what they mean for you and your children.

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