Thursday, September 11, 2014

Gov. Snyder's vision for P20 Education

Below is a video from the 2013 Mackinac Policy Conference where Governor Snyder explains his vision of P20 education from "prenatal to life long learning."  

"I want to emphasize a vision of P-20.  A PRENATAL to life long learning.  We have to get beyond the old models of saying there are silos for  for K12,  silos for community college, for higher ed,  for preschool.  They shouldn't be separate.  They can be separate institutions.  not to threaten the institutions. But shouldn't we make it a seamless system.  Where a student in that system doesn't have to figure out all these tough choices but can just focus on success...and understanding it starts even at the prenatal stage and looking at is the expectant mother getting the right diet, the right primary care..."

Gov. Snyder, you are not our parent!  Tough choices are part of the learning and maturing process.  An expectant mother does not need her diet monitored by you; and students with their parents should be deciding what classes or career based on their dreams, not the state based on data. 

But there is still one "tough" choice within our control, our vote for Governor this November.  Vote them all out!