Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Where does Gov. Snyder stand on testing?

There's a brawl brewing in Lansing over which test will replace MEAP.

The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) wants the Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBAC).

Business Leaders and the Chamber of Commerce want SBAC.

Lawmakers in the legislature are divided.  Some want SBAC but others are concerned about cost and the loss of control if we go forward with SBAC.   Given that they are in charge of funding, they have managed to challenge them through an appropriations bill that would require schools to use "new" MEAP.   The MDE says that is not possible.

To break the stalemate, Rep. Bob Genetski has introduced a bill,  HB 5581,  which would move the authority to determine the assessment from the MDE to the Treasury Department under Gov. Snyder.  A hearing is scheduled tomorrow.  I am sure the sparks will fly on both sides.

But does changing the location break the stalemate and resolve the concerns of lawmakers and parents who dislike SBAC or "new" MEAP with SBAC content,  and do not want to lose control of testing?

I don't think so. Given Gov. Snyder's strong support of the Common Core and his alliance to the business community. it is reasonable to assume he will is for the SBAC assessment.

But why are we forced to assume?  Shouldn't we know where Gov. Snyder stands before we vote to give him the authority over the assessments?   We already believe the MDE wants to stuff  a "new" MEAP with SBAC content, would Gov. Snyder pull the same trick?

Rep. Genetski's bill promises to give us more transparency but shouldn't we have that transparency either way?  Why do we have to pass this bill to find out where the Governor stands?

Gov. Snyder what assessment do you support for Michigan schools?

Please contact the Governor's office TODAY at 517) 373-3400 and ask what assessment he supports for Michigan schools.   Please let me know what they say.


friv10go said...

I hope the situation will be more stable now.

Spunky said...

Don't count on it. It will be less stable than ever. Treasury is not accountable to anyone and subject to heavy influence from a select few. Parents are completely shut out.