Friday, May 16, 2014

Common Core Workshop

I have done many workshops and talks on the Common Core in the last year.  I am routinely asked for my slides for future reference.   I finally have it done.  Thank you for your patience.   These slides are for reference only.  Please do no alter or duplicate.   Thank you!

Common Core Presentation Slides (PDF)

Please note that the slides may be slightly different than a version.  I am routinely updated and revising my slides as new information becomes available. 

You can also find me at Facebook to keep up on Common Core news and info.

And also at Stop Common Core in Michigan.  


Susan Raber said...

These slides are great- I appreciate all the hard work you've put into fighting CCS.

One of the things about this conversation that drives me nuts is when supporters say that "It's just standards - what's the big deal?"

Two problems that supporters never seem to address are 1) the embedded pedagogy embedded pedagogy- CCS is quite often specific to content, method, and timing, and therefore DOES dictate the curriculum 2) student data tacking and the tossing of FERPA out the window.

Erika said...

I went to your workshop and it was incredibly eye opening and a bit frightening - won't lie :) Thank you for all you are doing in trying to keep people educated.