Monday, May 27, 2013

Michigan Battle is Intensifying

I ran into Michigan State Senator Colbeck this morning at a Memorial Day Parade.   I asked him about Common Core and how solidly he was against it.  The vote is coming up to de-fund it and he said the pressure is intense.  Governor Snyder is bringing in dignitaries to try and strong arm lawmakers.  Colbeck added, "But you don't have to worry about me."   I hope not but I am not taking any chances.     

Here's an email being sent out by the Michigan Association of School Boards get those in favor of Common Core to rally their troops. 
Support Common Core - contact your legislator
This week, the House and Senate will be voting on a Michigan Department of Education budget bill that will effectively prohibit Michigan from participating in the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Initiative.  This language was inserted into the budget without ANY testimony or public input, or any consideration of the cost of students and schools.  There is a proposed compromise which would allow participation to continue while the Legislature commences a study of the Common Core.

Tell your Legislator that in order for students to compete in a knowledge-based, global economy, Michigan needs consistent standards that will provide appropriate benchmarks for all students.  Our schools are now four years and millions of dollars down the road toward adopting the CCSS.  Changing course now will put our students and schools at a severe disadvantage that could last for years.
What's almost laughable about this is that in 2010 Common Core was pushed through with NO debate and no cost analysis and now they are crying foul about it in a budget bill? 

Common Core advocates say it’s too late to de-fund the standards.
 ”This train has already left the station,” said Michael Yocum, executive director of learning services for Oakland Schools, the county’s intermediate school district. “We are so far down the road now.” Yocum is overseeing the implementation of the standards throughout the county’s school districts.  (Source: Detroit Free Press)
But when a train is headed in the wrong direction, it’s never too late.  It’s time for Michigan lawmakers to get off the Common Core train.   Our children’s futures are riding on their decision this Tuesday.

We can win it.  We must win it.     

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