Monday, April 15, 2013

Pro-testing Common Core

Many parents and teachers are wondering what can be done to stop Common Core. The battle to defeat the federal takeover of education can be won on many fronts...

Political Opposition
You can work the key members of your state and work to pass bills that prohibit implementation.  HB 4276 is one such bill in Michigan.   Call your representatives and senators and find out the names of the bills in your state.  If there isn't one, ask them to sponsor a bill to stop Common Core.  The National Republican Committee came out with a resolution to Stop Common Core.   You can forward that to eduction committee members and your legislators to help persuade them. 

Social Media
There are also Facebook and Twitter rallies that you can be a part of to learn more and voice your objections.  On Twitter, @ParentLedReform is hosting a Twitter rally tomorrow, April 16.   Parents and Educators Against the Common Core is on Facebook and full of information.    Truth in American Education has loads of information and a map to what specific states are doing to halt Common Core.   Michelle Malkin is active on Twitter and links to many informed sources.

If you homeschool, you can also choose your curriculum wisely, letting publishers know that you do not want materials that are deliberately aligning to the national standards.  Educational Freedom Coalition has files to learn more.   Support publishers who understand that their liberty and livelihood is at stake if a national curriculum are developed and written to the standards.


So where do we go if all our tweeting and lobbying fails?  The answer is simple but not easy. Quoting from John Taylor Gatto's website,
As powerful and well funded as this monster is, it is at the same time, ironically, very delicate. Locally, it only takes a few determined people with staying power to temporarily grind these engines to a halt, sending reverberations of dissonance into every level of the system. Think only of the multi-billion dollar standardized testing aspect of the thing; with relatively little investment of time or money a well-orchestrated campaign to sabotage these instruments could be launched and prosecuted over the Internet. You need only think back to the mass of teenagers who brought the war in Vietnam to a premature conclusion, to see that an essential lynchpin of the fourth purpose system -testing -could quickly be destroyed. The fallout from such a termination would rock systematic schooling with unpredictable results for the stability of the institution.
Courage - that is what is needed by all parents no matter how or where they educate their children.  

Do you remember Tiananmen Square of 1989? The bravery of one Chinese citizen to stand before the column of tanks halted their progress and inspired the world. We must exhibit the same courage to stand up to the federal takeover of education and centralized control of our child's future.  

We will direct our children's education not an army of educrats in the government and their battery of tests.

Parents don't have to homeschool to halt the reforms. (But it helps!). They just have to be willing to say "no" to the test just like this young man stood before the tank. I have yet to meet one parent in our area, homeschooling or not, who likes the time and emphasis spent on the exams.  Testing is a key component and very profitable part of the reforms. 

We need a Reagan moment in education,  "Parent tear up that test."

Pilots for the Smarter Balanced and PARCC assessments are already in piloted in many states.  Michigan hopes to replace its high school exit exam with the new assessments in 2015.   The tests are the oil that drives the engine of these reforms and the P-20 database tracking and data mining.

What will the history books record about this generation? Will they see images of parents standing in front of the tests or standing on the sidewalks as the school bus rolls on by?

You are either protesting or pro-testing. The choice is up to you.

A teacher summed it up this way, "We don’t expect our doctors to turn over our test results to the state, why should teachers give children’s data to anyone but them and their parent or guardian?" 

Update:  Parent and radio host, Rick Smith, finally said, "Enough!" and pulled his daughter out of the PSSA given in Pennsylvania. 

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