Thursday, April 25, 2013

Moms Against Jeb Bush

Bless her heart,  Barbara Bush was asked if her son Jeb Bush should run for President and she bluntly said no, "We've had enough Bushes."
But Mom Bush isn't the only mom in America that thinks he shouldn't seek the nomination.    Moms across America are not happy with Jeb Bush and his education policies, specifically his support of Common Core.  Common core is causing a rift in the GOP and it's in large part because mothers across the nation are getting informed about the massive federal take-over of education and blogging, tweeting, and getting active in their states to oppose it.
A recent Twitter rally, was able to get #StopCommonCore to trend globally.   It was a one day event that made a huge impact.  #StopCommonCore is now trending in many state legislatures and with mothers across the nation.  Moms are getting active in their capitals and bills are being introduced and approved that halt Common Core in their states.    (See TruthinAmericanEducation for what's happening in specific states.)  Stop Common Core Facebook pages are active and growing in number as moms search for ways to network and share ideas.   Parents and Educators of across the political spectrum are uniting.
Common Core may have won the approval of 45 states in 2010 but it is losing the approval of moms across America in 2013.    Jeb Bush is one of the biggest GOP cheerleaders of Common Core and moms know it.  Bush's recent praise of  David Coleman, chief architect of the Common Core spread like wildfire among moms and strengthened our resolve against him and the Common Core.
Can Jeb Bush win in 2016 if he doesn't have the support of his mom?  Sure.
Can Jeb Bush win in 2016 if he doesn't have the support of moms across America?  Not a chance.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this article. I wasn't aware of Jeb's support for Common Core. I agree that it's the worse thing to happen to education since becoming a federal institution. It seems every day there's a new reason to homeschool.

Jess said...

I'm going back and catching up on what I missed while my computer screen was cracked & I was limited to my tiny smartphone screen, LOL. My blog reading was reduced to nil for months.

This was such a shocking moment, wasn't it?

I was very surprised to hear such bluntness from a mom- perhaps her heart was to protect one son from what she watched a husband another son go through (public criticism/hatred/popularity polls/etc). But that's certainly a different tactic than what the modern "good mom" approach would be, of unswervingly supporting your children in "whatever" arena they desire... whether that's to be a girl when you're a boy, or to pursue the career path of your choosing, or to live at home because there aren't enough "good jobs" for a college grad like you.

I did also wonder if that was intentional on her part, or if it was a Pat Robertson moment- of someone asking questions of someone who is too old (and perhaps not as mentally present) to be going on record about much of anything.