Friday, April 12, 2013

Homeschoolers and Common "National" Standards

Much is being written all over the internet regarding Common Core State Standards, the new Next Generation Science Standards, and whether they will impact homeschool students.

For years, I said the looming education reforms will impact homeschoolers, in college admission and employment.  Some of my conservative allies and friends laughed at me, or said I was a conspiracy theorist and sucker, for suggesting such foolishness.

I was secretly hoping they were right and I was wrong but I didn't want to take that chance. I kept trying to connect dots and inform homeschool parents about the problems with national standards.

It's now 2013 and the dots are finally being connected by those that promote national standards.  Proponents are no longer bashful about what Common Core, Next Generation Science Standards,  and the related assessments are really all about - controlling thought and rewarding students whose political and religious beliefs align with the secular orthodoxy.

Consider the response to the just released Next Generation Science Standards by Richard Hull, executive director of the Text and Academic Authors Association,
"Students who are educated in accordance with them will have a better chance for success in college courses and in competition on the employment market than those steeped in creationism design, new earth theory, and other alternative accounts."
How much more clear can it be that this is about conformity of thought and not high academic standards.

Homeschool students and private students who are "steeped in Creationism" don't have a chance because the adaptive tests will filter them out and penalize them for daring to believe God exists.  And if you think secular homeschoolers are safe.  Not a chance. They want your children in the system.

In 2011, Michigan Governor Snyder said,
"It is time that we view our educational system which runs from pre-natal to life long learning.  It is time to start talking about P-20 instead of just K-12" 
Parents who believe that they have the freedom to educate children outside the accountability of the state will also face consequences for not participating, whether they are Christian or atheist.

National education standards are the enemy of parent-led education.  Period.

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Helen said...

Very well stated. The goal of all public education, since 1905 to the present, has been "controlling thought and rewarding students whose political and religious beliefs align with the secular orthodoxy." It wasn't as blatant then as now, but it's always been the overall goal of public education.

John Taylor Gatto has been explaining this for years. His "Absolute Absolution" talk (from the 1980s) nails it.