Friday, April 19, 2013

Common Core causing a rift in the GOP

Anytime you have Republicans like Jeb Bush singing the praises of lead architect of the Common Core David Coleman and siding with Democrats, it should cause a rift in the GOP.
"Concern from conservatives has reached a boiling point, leading the Republican National Committee last week to adopt a resolution condemning the standards."
This has action clearly upset Jeb Bush.
The Foundation for Excellence in Education, founded by Mr. Bush and a strong voice in favor of Common Core, is accusing the RNC of having “no real debate on the issue” and caving to fear and paranoia.
 Clearly, grass roots activism is making making an impact.
"More than 100 parent groups and other organizations held a “Twitter rally” this week to galvanize opposition to the standards. Pundits such as Michelle Malkin and Glenn Beck are leading the charge against Common Core, and that effort is spurring action in state capitals."
Jeb Bush is doubling down and determined not to let parents decide the standards for their children. Just days after the rally, Jeb Bush wrote a glowing testimony of lead architect of the Common Core, David Coleman.
He is the kind of leader who gives me hope for the future.
Grassroots activism that puts Jeb Bush and the GOP on the defensive gives me hope for the future, not David Coleman!

Keep the pressure up. We're winning.  

Michigan's bill HB 4276 to prohibit the implementation Common Core has proponents worried because homeschoolers have lawmakers phones "ringing off the hook."

Ohio decided not to fund the PARCC assessments associated with Common Core.

Many states are also considering the Next Generation Science Standards in the next month.  Let your state lawmakers and school boards know you do NOT support their implementation. 

You can also call your US Senators and ask them to support Senator Grassley's fight against funding Common Core.

Every effort makes a difference. 

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Eric Holcombe said...

Thought you might be interested in this video - from the Metro Nashville Public Schools and an "education roundtable" discussion. A question was asked about Common Core and that it be explained to the watching audience because these education leaders kept bringing it up to explain all the changes they are making. Listen as you first get that it is an "international standard" made by foreign countries whose students consistently outscore American students (apparently in Math and English Language). I am not sure what common testing the public schools have with foreign countries or why you would want a foreign country to craft your English Language curriculum standards, but whatever you say. This, after all the "state" baloney we were sold and parroted by Arne Duncan that somehow our governors cooked up Common Core in their spare time at NGA conventions. The second lady then brings up that Commmon Core was all crafted by David Coleman, which is much more accurate, but still a complete departure from the trojan horse explanation given at Race To The Trough contest time AND a direct contradiction to the earlier explanation of the "international" standard.