Sunday, March 31, 2013

The "New Miranda Rights" for Common Core

In light of the federal takeover of education through Common Core State Standards forcing parents to surrender control of academic standards, I propose legislation that would require the states that adopted Common Core State Standards, to read parents their rights upon enrolling their child in public school.

This would be similar to an officer's statement when an arrest is made and they are read their "Miranda" rights. I realize this seems drastic but unelected and unaccountable "experts" who wrote the standards appear to believe they know what's best for every child in America.  Parents need to know and understand exactly what their rights will be when Common Core is fully implemented.

 So far that legislation has yet to find a sponsor or see the light of day, (SPUNK-PAC has yet to be formed) but I'm hoping that the idea will eventually become a part of the "Common Core" standards. It could go something like this:


Parent or legal guardian; As you enroll your child in the government's system of education and indoctrination in the Common Core we are required to inform you of your rights...

 You have the right to remain silent. Do you understand?

Everything you say and do will be ignored anyway. So don't waste your breath. Do you understand?

You have the right to an attorney. But you will lose in court, so don't waste your money either. Do you understand?

You have no right to due process or privacy. We're testing and tracking everything your child is doing from cradle to career. Just make sure your child gets to school on time and we'll get along just fine. Do you understand?

You have no right to object to any material we present to your child. Everything we teach has been dumbed down and aligned to the Common Core State Standards, pursuant to the state's goal of preparing children to become workers in the global economy. Do you understand?

We will use the full power of Bill Gate's bank account to establish that the interests of the state are more important than your interest as a parent. Do you understand?

 We realize that it may seem awkward to give up control of your child's education. But think about how many more hours in the day you will now be free to pursue your own interests. More importantly, the state is now free teach your child exactly what he needs to do to be a good worker in the global economy. Congratulations! You have just been liberated from your primary obligation as a parent. Go in peace.


AgainstCCinFL said...

This is awesome! Well said, thank you for standing up against Common Core.

Thomas Harrell R. Ph. said...

That says it very well. Teach our kids to become the mediocre the luke warm. Forget about the dream of high scholastic achievment. My son, TJ, scored 1598 out of 1600 on the SAT test. He is a surgeon now. He must be retrained into mediocrity. I can not believe what is happening. My mother would puke.

Jesse Bluma @PointeViven said...

Whether we keep and support the Common Core or not it is important to keep in mind that learning, growth, and development is most dependent on home life. Parental aspirations for their children has a larger impact on student learning than feedback from teachers, study skills, homework, testing, and teacher education. When was the last time your political representative or favorite TV or radio host mentioned these numbers?