Monday, November 01, 2010

The Last Supper

Courtesy of Drudge we see Obama and his disciples celebrating their last supper together...tomorrow comes judgment day. Those that were nearby heard this prayer being repeated,

"Our President, who art in the White House.
Obama be thy name.
The Tea Party's come.
Their will's being done,
Across the fruited plain.
Give us this day, your daily talking points.
That are delivered via teleprompter.
And lead us not to a Republican Congress,
Who will cut off all our spending.
For thine is the stimulus we're depending.
In thy name we pray, Amen."

P.S. All of my spare writing time has been devoted to writing letters to my son in Marine bootcamp. He graduates in three weeks; so, hopefully I'll return to blogging then. But with another son leaving shortly, who really knows. I miss blogging but I miss them more and they need my letters right now.

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