Thursday, June 03, 2010

Prayer for Sono Harris

Please pray for Sono Harris who was recently diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer. Her son, Joshua Harris, has more information on his blog.

She's also doing all she can to fight the cancer. Mom is pursuing alternative treatment (a special diet called the Budwig Protocol that has met with some success) and all of us remain hopeful that by God's grace she can and will beat it.

Right now the future is completely unknown. There's no timetable, no certainty. I've thought many times during the past few weeks that this cancer has simply highlighted and heightened the reality that is always true of our lives: we never know how much time we have and each day is a gift. So as 1 Peter 1 puts it, we're grieved by this trial, but we're rejoicing in the living hope we have through the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Regardless of what happens in Mom's body, the new life she has through Christ that first transformed her 37 years ago is imperishable and grows stronger day by day.

On a personal level, the Harris family has touched me from the very beginning days of my homeschoooling to the early days of blogging. Gregg Harris's book and workshops introduced me to the idea of "delight-directed learning" and challenged many of my ideas about education. And in 2006 Alex, Brett, and the army of Rebulutionaries rallied to my defense and we nearly defeated a prominent liberal edu-blogger in the Wizbang blog awards.

The best-selling Christian books Do Hard Things and I Kissed Dating Goodbye written by the Sono and Gregg's sons have also been read by most of my children and have encouraged and challenged them on many levels.

It's my privilege to now stand with them and cry out to God for Sono's healing and grace upon the Harris family.

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