Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Nightline on Unschooling

Last night, ABC's Nightline aired Free Range Children, with JuJu Chang the same reporter from Good Morning America story, and a different family (although there is a small clip from the GMA family fighting on the lawn.)

Chang prides herself but doesn't show the child missing on his multiplication. So what! I once asked a public high schooler in our area when the War of 1812 was and he stared at me blankly as my own sons broke down in laughter and helped him. Putting a child on the spot doesn't prove anything about what they know and more importantly what they'll become.

My thoughts unschooling are unchanged after viewing this video (you can read it here), but I do wish more homeschoolers and unschoolers would just pass on doing these shows. There's really nothing to be gained and much to lose by participating in edited stories produced by a reporter with an agenda to shape public opinion against homeschooling.

Children are not trophies to be displayed nor are they performers ready on cue to validate our parenting or persuade others. I suggest we stick to doing what we do best, spending lots of time enjoying our kids, the results will speak for themselves.

You can leave a comment about this segment on the Nightline Facebook page.

(Thanks Nancy from Facebook for the tip!)

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