Saturday, May 08, 2010

Let's Evict!

From the Wall Street Journal, Moms to the Barricade,
Forget "angry white men." In the male-dominated world of conservative politics, the tea party stands out as a movement of energized and organized women. In particular, moms....

Dana Loesch, talk host and co-founder of the St. Louis tea party, believes the tea party movement is the modern conservative version of "the personal is political."

"Motherhood itself has become a political act," says Ms. Loesch. "And the tea parties are an extension of our need as moms to protect the future for our children."
I agree with Loesch, motherhood has become a political act. And like the future of our children, we're also about protecting the future of motherhood. We're smart, active, and perhaps a little angry when someone invades our territory.

Michelle Obama grows a garden of arugula on the White House lawn and orders "Let's Move"and the nation jumps. But Michelle Obama doesn't make the food decisions in my house, I do. Her authority stops at the end of the White House driveway. And the same goes for Pelosi and her House too. The Tenth Amendment was written for a reason.

Just this week a third grader in Texas was given a one-week detention for possession of a Jolly Rancher! School officials feared that if they didn't follow the state guidelines they'd lose federal funding. Since when did an individual student's weight become a federal issue?

I say it's time to start a competing campaign, "Let's Evict" and get government out of our houses once and for all! It's time our elected officials started fearing momma.

Happy Mother's Day!

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