Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Candidate After My Own Heart

Rand Paul has captured the Republican nomination for Senate in Kentucky and the attention of the nation. Valerie Strauss of the Washington Post calls his views on education "extreme." based on his answers to an NEA questionnaire. The questions were all various forms of what do you think about federal involvement in education. His answers were spot on.
“Revenue for education should be local. Once you allow the federal government in, you lose control."

“There is no Constitutional enumeration for federal education. The Constitution allows states and cities to participate in education; period.”
And specifically in regards to parental rights and homeschooling Paul writes,
As the Federal Government has increased the size and budget of the Department of Education, test scores and scholastic performance have markedly dropped. More money, more bureaucracy, and more government intervention are eroding this nation’s educational standards. Meanwhile, home-schooled children continue to excel as evidenced by their test scores and rapidly growing admission rate into some of the nation’s most prestigious educational institutions.

Rand proposes to restore the parental right to be responsible in educating children. He supports reduced taxes so that parents can allocate more of their own funds to homeschooling, if they so desire. He seeks to prevent the Department of Education from regulating homeschooling and will fight to keep the Federal Government’s hands out of this promising alternative to conventional education. Rand recognizes the potential and scholarly prowess of homeschooling and will ensure that homeschoolers are allowed the freedom to compete alongside those who attend public and private schools.

His views don't sound extreme, they sound like someone who has actually read the Constitution! If I were in Kentucky he'd probably be getting my vote.

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