Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Midwest Invasion Highlights

I was encouraged, inspired, informed, and exhausted by the time the Midwest Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio closed on Saturday evening. The Duke Energy Center certainly was buzzing as over 13,000 homeschoolers shopped the vendor hall and attended various workshops on topics ranging from sibling squabbles to parental rights.

The highlight for me was meeting these two dear sweet mothers (I don't even know their names) who wandered by The Old Schoolhouse Magazine table uncertain about whether or not homeschooling was the right choice for them.

They wanted to attend my workshop, The ART of Homeschooling, but arrived at my room late and by mistake a note was left on the door saying "Do Not Disturb, Taping in Progress." When they entered the booth and found out I was "Spunky" both ladies simultaneously bent to my eye level (they were both very tall) and begged me to give them a shortened version.

They came by the table the next day a whole lot calmer and confidently announced that they are going to homeschool. I'm proud of them both and think they are going to do just fine.

Another high point was meeting attorney David Gibbs from Homeschool Legal Advantage. He spoke on the Constitution and why the Parental Rights Amendment is not the best solution to our soothe our parental anxieties. I agreed and hope to talk more about his organization and and his views very soon. His talk followed Cathy Duffy's workshop on the history of education and the standards movement. The two talks complimented each other very nicely.

Other notable moments were...

Meeting my college roommate and her 13 kids after not seeing her for nearly 25 years. Priceless.

Spending time wandering the vendor hall with my daughter, Katie. Expensive.

Sharing my heart for homeschooling. Fun.

Tim Hawkins
and his one-man comedy routine. Hilarious.

Brennan Dean definitely knows how to put on a great convention! I hope to see you there next year.

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