Monday, April 19, 2010

Another Unschooling Story (updated w/new video)

About once or twice a year we can count on the main stream media to focus on unschoolers as if it is some new phenomenon within homeschooling. It's not. But given the crisis-driven policy decisions we're seeing come out of Washington lately, I wouldn't be surprised if this sparks a demand for more uniform standards among these "extreme parents" who homeschool using any method.

Honestly, it's too bad we didn't have this much investigative reporting of President Obama and his schooling. He won't even let us see his transcripts. For all we know, he may have stayed home and played all day too!

The story was updated today on GMA with the couple providing added context. Of course, the first concern was...can these kids get a job? Is that the only purpose of education anymore? I thought the couple handled themselves well. Pat Farenga makes a guest appearance and defends unschooling toward the end of the clip.

(Thanks to my friend Nancy for telling me about this story and Lorraine for the update.)

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