Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The New OBE: Obama Based Education

When President Clinton occupied the White House he attempted, with the help of his wife Hillary and friend Marc Tucker, to reform America's educational system. The reform was patterned after Europe and, at various times, called School to Work, Goals 2000, or Outcome Based Education. It became more commonly known as OBE and through much effort defeated, but not permanently destroyed.

Nearly twenty years later, President Obama, with Marc Tucker once again playing a supporting role, has resurrected OBE and repackaged it for 2010. The White House website reveals their guiding principle:
"Our nation’s economic competitiveness and the path to the American Dream depend on providing every child with an education that will enable them to succeed in a global economy that is predicated on knowledge and innovation. President Obama is committed to providing every child access to a complete and competitive education, from cradle through career..."

"President Obama will reform America’s public schools to deliver a 21st Century education that will prepare all children for success in the new global workplace."
Let me be clear Mr. President, children are not a commodity to be educated in order to enhance our economic competitiveness in the new global workplace . That's the socialist's dream not the
American Dream.

Like the old OBE, the new OBE: Obama Based Education will be a "cradle to career" system of accountability with national standards benchmarked internationally using "state-of-the art" individual tracking mechanisms, all while emphasizing local control and creativity.

As a teaser to the new OBE, Education Secretary Arne Duncan told reporters on Friday.
"We want to hold educators accountable but let them be creative."
Obama's "blueprint' is nothing more than handing each state an identical paint-by-number kit and instructing them to, "Be creative!"

Already, the nation's Governors are in a "Race to the Top" competition for Obama dollars by implementing key components of the new OBE. The Wall Street Journal reports,

The states are already moving to put in place some of the biggest components of the Obama plan. Most important is the push, led by the nation's governors, to agree to a uniform set of national academic standards, so that students would learn the same math and English basics in the same grade in all states. Only Texas and Alaska have opted out of the drive to agree to common standards by early summer.

That effort comes as states are also moving to adopt data-collection systems that would allow school districts to track a student's performance from kindergarten through high school.

Implementing national uniformity while tracking individual conformity and stifling creativity, that's the new OBE: Obama Based Education blueprint in a nutshell.

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