Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Twitter Me Silly Then

I have a Twitter account that I use whenever my thoughts can be condensed to 140 characters or less; which as most of you dear readers know, is not very often. And even less often do I venture into issues that are not related to the family or education. However, today was such a day.

With a real war going in the Middle East and generals needing more troops, I was mystified that the White House would rather spend time fighting a rhetorical war with Fox News than fight the real enemies of the United States. After ABC White House Correspondent Jake Tapper's, excellent question to White House spokesman Robert Gibbs, I just couldn't help myself. I tweeted Tapper the following thought....
@jaketapper There's something seriously wrong when the POTUS shuns Fox but wants to sit down with Ahmadinejad. Who is the real enemy?
I posted the same thought on my Facebook. Many of my Facebook friends quickly concurred with my thoughts and some copied it as their status. Jake Tapper however, thought me a bit silly and tweeted me back the following message...
jaketapper @SpunkyBraun that's just silly rhetoric that elucidates nothing.
Taking a great career risk, I followed up with two more tweets...
@jaketapper maybe 2 U but there are plenty in America who think that the WH rhetoric on FOX is silly and illuminates much about Obama
@jaketapper this makes Obama & Co. look small in the face of some very large issues around the globe
Well it turns out, I'm not alone. The Washington Post called Obama's war on FOX "dumb" for pretty much the same reason. Just more "silly rhetoric" I suppose.

Very well then, but at least for a brief moment in time my silly rhetoric caught the attention of a White House correspondent (and maybe even some lowly intern at the White House?) Something that would have been unheard of just a few years ago.

Obama can attempt to marginalize Fox News with his silly rhetorical war, but he'll never silence all of us. This gives me hope that our country will survive the disaster that is President Barack Obama and in the end "We the people" will continue to have a strong voice in this great country of ours.

Tweet On! (But you won't catch me lifeblogging any time soon!)

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