Friday, October 23, 2009

Pick of the Clicks

Some of the better stuff I've read, watched, or heard this week

On Education

A Truly Divine Moment: Too good not to post again.

Who's the Teacher: "I encourage you to try and find small ways throughout your day when your children can teach- whether it’s you, a sibling, or the family dog!"

HomeschoolShare: Great website with loads of free stuff to help with lapbooks. My daughter and I are enjoying the ones we've done so far.

Homeschool Blog Awards: Has another year passed already?

An overlooked government intervention. Ed Morrissey looks at the Feds takeover of student loans.

Who's On First? (video) Abbott and Costello's famous routine. I showed this video today in my argumentation co-op class for our amphiboly and equivocation. It was just as good as I remembered and the kids loved it too.

Quotes from the students and staff of SpunkyHomeschool

"Whoever said this was going to be a fun craft was wrong!" My six year old after finishing her paper mache' globe.

"That is sooo anti-acts of service!" From my husband who was NOT feeling the love after I swept some crumbs onto his clean floor.

On Obama

Leno's mocking monologue of Obama. (video) Does this put Leno on the enemies list?

Obama: Excessive Pay Offends our Values:
I thought we weren't supposed to legislate morality?

Noonan: It's his rubble now. It's time for Obama to quit blaming Bush for his problems.

Kudos to the networks
for not caving in to Obama and his war on Fox.

I'm indifferent, but after seeing the hoola hoop photo, my daughters say Michelle Obama's belts have to go.

Best status on Facebook

From my friend Barb: "So with pleasure and promises, sin took control, leaving me dying with nothing to show...Sin can take you father than you want to go. Slowly, but wholly taking control. Sin will leave you longer than you want to stay. Sin will cost you far more than you wnt to pay."

And just plain fun

Grocery Cart Musical (video) A bit of "Yes we can" Obamology blended in a very fun video. (via Laurie Bluedorn on Twitter)

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