Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Obama: The Balloon President

When asked a month ao about the H1N1 flu shot for the First Family Obama said,
"Here's what I guarantee you. We want to get vaccinated. We think it's the right thing to do. We will stand in line like everybody else. And when folks say it's our turn, we will get it.
A humble declaration from a President who desires to put the needs of the nation above his own family, isn't it? However, like the balloon boy hoax, Obama's guarantee is empty. The White House blog reported yesterday,
"Malia and Sasha were both vaccinated for H1N1 last week, after the vaccine became available to Washington, DC schoolchildren...The girls' H1N1 vaccine was administered by a White House physician, who applied for and received the vaccine from the DC Department of Health using the same process as every other vaccination site in the District."

A White House physician? Why, when according to DC health officials there are clinics around DC where the First Family could have waited in line just like the common folk do. The NY Times speculates that,

Sharing the news that the president has allowed his own daughters to receive the shots could assuage the fears of ordinary Americans who are wondering whether or not to get vaccinated.
But I thought Obama was an ordinary American? That's what his guarantee was supposed to prove.

The President isn't ordinary. His words have meaning. Not just with American citizens at home worried about the flu shot, but to our American soldiers abroad who are worried about the enemy shots fired at them. With great conviction and resolve, Obama said in March,

"Good morning. Today, I am announcing a comprehensive, new strategy for Afghanistan and Pakistan....For three years, our commanders have been clear about the resources they need for training. Those resources have been denied because of the war in Iraq. Now, that will change."
Our commanders are clearly asking for more resources and soldiers are dying, Mr. President. But yesterday aboard Air Force One, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said,
"I think the president will take some time after these meetings to pick through what he's heard, what we've all learned, and evaluate this process with what's best for our country, what's best for Afghanistan, Pakistan and for the region as a whole,"

Gibbs said the president will announce his decision "in the coming weeks," a phrase he has used often before.
So much for the "comprehensive new strategy" of "change" announced in March. This one will be the "real comprehensive new strategy" of "real change" that Obama really meant to say back in March.

It all makes me wonder, is Obama becoming "The Balloon President" full of hot air and nothing else?

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