Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mensa Studies Homeschoolers

The Mensa Foundation conducted a study of first-year college performance of homeschool graduates. The purpose,
"was to determine differences in first-year college academic performance between home school and traditional high school graduates, measured by grade point average, retention, ACT test scores, and credits.
The conclusion,
"Families who home school their children should not feel that the education they are providing is inferior to the traditional K-12 education of their neighborhood peers...

The academic performance analyses indicate that home school graduates are as ready for college as traditional high school graduates and that they perform as well on national college assessment tests as traditional high school graduates."
Rarely do I meet a homeschool parent who feels the education they provide to their children is inferior to the public schools. Most, in fact, believe that their child's education has been better. I know I do.

Three of my children are taking college classes and all three doing just fine. Success in college is not the main reason we chose to homeschool, but it is great to see our children thriving academically, socially, and spiritually.

My oldest daughter attends the University of Michigan - Dearbon campus. She is majoring in Arab American studies and learning to speak Arabic. She enthusiastically told me a week ago, "Mom, I never knew diagramming sentences in Arabic was so much fun." Her statement not only proves her academic success but also demonstrates that homeschoolers are NOT cookie cutter kids made in their parent's image. Both of my sons attend our local community college.

And while I'm on the subject of college, many universities are rethinking how college is done and are looking at providing three-year degrees in order to save students time and money.

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