Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hey Mikey, He likes it!

Salon writer and homeschooling father of Kindergarten twins , Andrew O'Hehir, has joyfully discovered what many parents do when they try homeschooling;
But it isn't simply that Nini and Desmond are enjoying themselves, have learned a bunch of names and stories I didn't know until I was much older, and may, just possibly, have received a basic foundation in cultural literacy that I'm not quite sure I possess now. They love it. They've devoured it all voraciously and begged for more.
Children are naturally curious and love to learn, it's the educational process that is foisted upon them once they turn five that slowly drains them of it. That's why many homeschooling parents like O'Hehir are pleasantly surprised when our children actually "love it" and beg us for more. That's not supposed to happen!?!

It's difficult for most of us to remember our pre-institutionalized days when we actually loved to learn something new for the sake of knowing it, not just to pass a test or get a better job.

Homeschooling is the best antidote for the poor soul who has lost their love for learning. The dirty little secret is that while we think we are educating our children, they are really the ones teaching us how to learn all over again and actually like it!

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