Friday, September 11, 2009

Just A Little Choice and Competition

In an interview touting ObamaCare on CNN, David Alexrod said,
[W]hat is very important is that we have the kind of competition and choice that will help consumers. In many states in this country, there’s one insurer that dominates the entire market.
Couldn't the same thing be said about education? In EVERY state there is one educator that dominates the market - public education. Anyone who believes that the same thing won't happen in health care is lying to themselves and the country. (By the way, illegal immigrants enroll into our public schools everyday.)

Speaking of choice and competition, Ethtan Demme sent me a link to a Cafe Press store for Get Homeschooled apparel and gear to compete with Obama's campaign Get Schooled to promote state indoctrination and himself. Here's a sample of the Get Homeschooled T-shirt.


Do you think I could get Obama to pay for it in an effort to promote choice and competition in education?

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