Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Good Takeover?

With little opposition, the House of Representatives voted today to give the federal government direct control over all student loans. Prior to the vote, TIME Magazine noticed the lack of conservative critics and asked if that indicated that Obama's Student Loan Plan is a "Good Takeover?"
On its face, it would seem to be a gift to Barack Obama's conservative critics, who have spent the summer painting the new Democratic President as a socialist who is eager to nationalize the entire health-care system. After all, the Administration's proposal to restructure the student-loan industry is, in many respects, much closer to an actual government takeover than its relatively tame market-driven health-reform plan. But as the House holds hearings and looks likely to pass a student-loan bill this week, it's clear that the education overhaul is not going to be the high-pitched battle that opponents and the White House once expected it to be.
If it passes the Senate then the federal option will be the only option in student loans as of July, 2010. According to TIME, education officials claim the transition from one system to another can be done "easily." But nothing is ever easy when the government's involved. Did they already forget the Cash for Clunkers debacle and all the dealer headaches? Can you imagine what it will be like when thousands of college students are waiting for their "Cash for College" loan in order to register for classes next fall?

Given the anger over the takeover of health care, the banks, and the auto industry, you'd think conservative parents would be outraged by this obvious power grab.

Why is the conservative "mob" so silent?

Because when it comes to the education of their children, most conservative parents are content to let the government do it for them. They'll storm the mall in DC in protest on a sunny Saturday, but put little Johnny on a government bus the following Monday. Conservatives have no reason to protest this takeover and little credibility even if they do. They've been choosing the public option in education for decades; so what could possibly be wrong with the government option being the only option in student loans? Not a whole lot as far as they're concerned.

But let us never forget that whoever holds the purse, holds the power. Once the government seizes control of who gets money for college, where they attend and what program they are allowed to study is much more easily managed by the state. The federal government already has a loan forgiveness program which creates an incentive for graduates to choose a career in public service and not join the ranks of "evil" corporate America.

No, this is not a "good takeover" of student loans in order to save taxpayers money, but another piece in the transition toward a planned economy that is dictated by the demands of the state not the dreams of the child.

And homeschoolers, in the event you haven't already figure this out, you're just not a part of the state's long term plan.

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