Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Get (Home)Schooled

On the heels of Obama's address to school children across the nation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation along with a host of corporations are launching a new Get Schooled Initiative complete with a Student Bill of Rights. The home page screams I want, I want, I want, accompanied by a smug mug of Obama ready to provide for all those wants.

Of course, the timing of Get Schooled is purely coincidental and Obama's picture on the home page isn't meant to persuade our children to Pledge Allegiance to any one. By the way, can you guess who's sandwiched between LeBron James and Kelly Clarkson when you click on People I Admire? (Hint: It isn't Ronald Reagan)

But it's all perfectly innocent you see. Anyone who objects is just silly and not smart enough to raise their own children. Obama just wants to help us and our children achieve our his dream of a socialist America.

My advice to students and parents dissatisfied with their education: Forget Obama, forget Get Schooled, and Get (home)schooled.

(HT: Michelle Malkin)

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