Tuesday, June 02, 2009

So Much For Making Disciples

One of the reasons Christians cite for enrolling their children in the public schools is so they can go out into all the world and be "salt and light." Well, that argument just took a giant step backward thanks to a recent court ruling by the 3rd Court of Appeals. In a 2-1 ruling they rejected
"the claims of the mother of a kindergarten student who said public school officials violated her First Amendment rights when they prohibited her from reading verses from the Bible -- which she said was her son Wesley's favorite book -- during a program called "All About Me" week....

Educators must be free to involve parents in the educational process, Scirica said, but "these efforts could be jeopardized if parents -- once invited into the classroom to share details about their family experience as part of 'show and tell' activities -- could express any message of their choosing."
While Christians can be salt and light, there is a greater potential for harm to the heart of the child as they grow up in a system where experts or court decisions determine what is best for the child not the parents governed by the Truth of God's Word.

Scripture does tell us to go out into all the world but it also tells us that, "He who walks with the wise becomes wiser still but the companion of fools suffers harm." These harms are much more subtle but no less damaging to the child and their relationships within the family. If I were this mother, I'd pull my child out of this school immediately. Her authority and more importantly the authority if Scripture has been undermined by the school.

Fisher Aimes wrote,
We have trouble in the classrooms, we are putting in new text books. Nothing wrong with new books but we are spending more time on them than the Bible; it is drifting to the back of the classroom. We cannot tolerate this in American education. The Bible's morals are pure, its examples are captivating and noble.
In case you are not familiar with Fisher Aimes, he was the author of the First Ammendment to the Constitution.

Parents, go forth into all the world and preach the Gospel, but educate your kids at home.

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