Thursday, June 11, 2009

Obama's Education Overhaul

Not content to overhaul the auto industry, the banking industry, and health care, Obama's poised and ready to overhaul education.. Secretary of Education Duncan told reporters that a fundamental change for the nation's education system is on the way.
I want to be able to track every child throughout their educational trajectory, so we know what they are doing. Secondly, I want to track children back to teachers, so we know the impact the teachers are having on those children. And third, I want to be able to track those students back to teacher, and teachers back to the schools of education, so we can understand which schools of education and which feeder programs are producing the teachers that are producing the students that had the most gain.”
Since when is it the federal government's business to know "what they are doing" at any stage of their young lives?

Duncan's traveling around the country touting "common" educational standards for all 50 states. That's the same as national standards which probably polled badly so Team Obama found a nicer way of saying he's taking over education and tracking your child from cradle to career.

Of course, there will be the usual blather about local control and parental involvement, but that's like saying the Board of Directors is in charge of General Motors and Obama will only be involved in the most fundamental decisions. I don't know anyone who believes that lie.

Education is a key component in Obama's plan to remake Amerca in his socialist image. To some he's not only President, but the nation's teacher with the moral authority to tell us not to disagree or quarrel with whatever he wants to do. Besides student tracking and national standards, Obama wants national teacher certification. The mantra will quickly become "A great teacher is a nationally certified teacher." Schools will be forced to hire board certified teachers until national certification reaches "critical mass" and becomes the standard for judging all teachers - public, private, or homeschooled.

Most homeschoolers will obviously oppose this, but because we're perceived as elite, white, and wealthy (studies show it you know!) our voice will not be heard. Obama will sell nationalizing education as the most efficient means to help the working middle class struggling to make ends meet.

And why not, when you're perceived as sorta God you can overhaul anything you want.

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