Thursday, June 11, 2009

Homeschooling in the UK and its effect on the US

Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan recently said
A nation that does not benchmark its standards against the highest international standards is crippling our children in the competition for jobs.
Given that Team Obama wants international standards, it's become increasingly necessary to keep up with what's happening to homeschoolers around the globe. Today, the news coming out of Great Britain was not good for homeschoolers,
Under newly announced Labour government rules, local council authorities are authorized to enter private homes to interview children, without parents present, on their safety and “quality of education.” The new regulations have raised fears among Britain’s homeschooling community of a government attack on the rights of parents to educate their children at home.

Families will be forced to register with authorities and could face criminal penalties if they are deemed to be inadequately educating their children.
This development stunned British homeschoolers who worry that they are now heading down the path toward Germany's policy where homeschooling is outlawed. Let's hope they're able to somehow defeat this --not just for their sake but perhaps ours as well.

Update: Here's The Review of Home Education in England by Graham Badman which the changes are based upon. The UK Telegraph confirms that the review was accepted by the government but legislation will still need to be crafted. And Dana adds that the UN Rights of the Child (UNRC) may be the real culprit for the suggested changes in the laws. She also reminded us that President Obama thinks our lack of support for the UNRC is "embarrassing."

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