Saturday, June 20, 2009

Homeschooling in Real Life

Thanks to the internet we don't need a major network to show the realities of homeschooling we're doing it every day one blog at a time. Every entertaining and informative post sends a ripple of hope to others that homeschooling can become a reality for them too.

Here's a few homeschool families sharing their lives for all the world to see:

Kimberly at RaisingOlives adds a little homeschool reality to her walls by turning them into a chalkboard. Very cool.

Smockity Frocks shares the hilarious reality of being a homeschool mom trying to look nice for a wedding just three weeks after giving birth to here seventh child. "Word to the wise: Never wait until the day of to try on an outfit! " (Take a look at her aprons while you're there, I sooo want one!)

Laurie Bluedorn joyfully announces the reality that after over two decades there really is life after homeschooling and he's absolutely beautiful. Congratulations Grandma!

Finally, homeschool dad Todd Wilson has declared the first day of summer to be Kids Day. He sets the standard high by starting it off with breakfast in bed...

My son captured the essence of the homeschooling in real life years ago when as a young boy he said, "School is life and life is school, you never stop learning."

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(Special thanks to my daughter Kristin for the photo she snapped yesterday of Elaina playing in the puddles after a rain storm.)

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