Friday, June 19, 2009

Homeschool Reality Show

I found the following request in my inbox today, slightly editted to remove the network and series name (sorry no free PR for this one).

Are you a home learner? Then (network name) would like to hear from you.

(Network name's) award-winning documentary series, (“name of series" ) is producing a new episode about young people who are homeschooled. We’re looking for people who want to tell their stories, share their opinions, and possibly dispel some misconceptions about what it really means to learn at home.

Our goal -- as with all episodes of ("name of series") is to help (network name's) audience understand why many young people, and their parents, choose to home-school. We also want to show the benefits and challenges that home-schooled kids experience on a daily basis.

We will treat the people who participate in this documentary -- and whatever educational, philosophical or religious beliefs they possess -- with respect.

If someone has to tell you they'll treat you with respect it is because they know you probably don't trust them or their editor. And for good reason. The network will likely treat a conservative Christian homeschool family about as well as the media treats Sarah Palin.

This network is not known for scholarly documentaries but shock entertainment. I've done a bit of TV and radio; an editor with an agenda can make you look anyway he wants. I'm not interested in providing fodder for their foolishness.

Steve and Spunky plus six say no thanks!

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