Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Disadvantages of Homeschooling

I'm continually amazed at what some nay-sayers perceive as a "disadvantage" of homeschooling, I think of as a benefit. In the article, Parents must consider disadvantages when homeschooling this was the first among many disadvantages listed.
One disadvantage is the financial burden or hardship it can impose upon a family. It is the responsibility of the parents to purchase the curriculum needed for home schooling where the public school provides it at no charge.

This means parents must purchase books, materials, computer software and other resources in order to teach the lessons. Parents must fund all field trips, outings or special activities. Often, one of the parents must give up his or her job to home school. The loss of a second income in a two-income household can be detrimental. This can be a significant disadvantage and it can disrupt the harmony of the home.

The fact that I, not the state, take full responsibility for the purchase of materials is a clearly a benefit of homeschooling. Paying for them myself means I get to pick them out and get exactly what I think the children need, not some educrat who sits in committee meetings all day who has never met my children. What is taught, is what is thought. I have no interest in the state dictating what my children think in order to save money on books and supplies.

And yes, we do give up a second-income but the the harmony of the home is disrupted when mothers are gone from their offspring - especially their young children - all day long. There's more to life than money and the loss of income is more than made up by the memories of our time learning together. It is the loss of time as a family, not a second-income, that can be detrimental.

The article then goes

"Another disadvantage to home schooling is the amount of time it drains from parents who perform the task. Many parents don’t realize the time constraints involved with teaching. Teaching can be emotionally and physically draining.

Just like teachers, parents need time to prepare lessons, plan activities, organize and keep the children on task. They must also learn how to balance their time while still being able to maintain the home. It’s not easy."
If we're honest, parenting is emotionally and physically draining. It is a 24/7 job. But homeschooling gives me all 24 hours to commit to the task , not just the after-school hours, when they're tired and so am I. It is the public schools that inflict unnatural time constraints on parents (and children) not homeschooling and public school teachers who are parents have it the hardest of all. They devote the best hours of the day to other people's children then come home and deal with their own. Now that would tire me out real quick.

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