Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A "Common Standard" for Homeschoolers?

President Obama is justifying the violation of the Constitution and the take over of education by declaring that it is "inexcusable" for the United States to have 50 standards for education.
Today's system of 50 different sets of benchmarks for academic success means 4th grade readers in Mississippi are scoring nearly 70 points lower than students in Wyoming -- and they're getting the same grade. Eight of our states are setting their standards so low that their students may end up on par with roughly the bottom 40 percent of the world.

That's inexcusable.
Hmmm. Currently, homeschooling laws also vary in all 50 states. Illinois is light on regulation while Pennsylvania is much more stringent. So it is hardly a stretch of the imagination to think that Obama could declare that 50 standards of homeschooling is "inexcusable" and demand a "common standard" for home educators?

Not saying it is going to happen, but with Obama anything is possible.

And if you're a long time reader you may recall former HSDLA attorney, Scott Somerville, once thought me a bit of a "sucker" when I predicted national standards in 2006 and later said "she's right."

Forewarned is forearmed.

BTW, Scott Somerville is a great guy and someone I am privileged to call a friend. He's also pretty awesome on Twitter and definitely worth a follow. You can find me on Twitter too, but I'm just getting the hang of it.

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