Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Prayers for Jessica Hulcey

See Updates below as they are available.

Jessica Hulcey, founder of KONOS curriculum, was broad sided by a fire truck yesterday Here's an update on her status via Maggie Hogan on Facebook,
So far what I know about Jessica Hulcey's condition: Broken ribs, broken left humerus and ulna, broken bones in one arm, brain trauma, blood in her chest cavity, intubated and terefore sedated, and has received 5 units of blood so far. Doctors have classified her brain activity at Level 2 - she will respond to touch, but cannot hold up two fingers at their request. Keep praying--We serve a God of miracles.
Hulcey and her contagious enthusiasm for homeschooling made a huge impact on me. We were KONOS users in the early elementary years and enjoyed it very much. Hulcey helped me think outside the textbook and the traditional approach to learning through workbooks. (My children still remember making a life size ear out of furniture and toys in our living room.) Hulcey is a true gift to the homeschool community.

Please continue to pray for her and her family.

Update via Marilyn Rocket who spoke to her son, Jordan: Ford Explorer was broadsided…about 11:30 on Monday morning. 25 minute extrication process Life Flighted as a level 1 (the most severe) trauma case to Hospital. Still in critical condition.

She is still unconscious but is moving all four limbs and attempting to pull the tubes out of her throat which is encouraging to the doctors. Major Lung trauma, punctures to both lungs. Both were collapsed. One is now working well and they are still draining the other. Doctors are checking for possible damage to wind pipe and trachea. Head trauma.

Medium amounts of blood on brain. Closely monitoring for improvement. Surgery not necessary now, but possible to come. So far multiple broken ribs on both sides, broken left wrist, broken left arm in 2 places. Will require surgery. Possible broken left leg and right wrist. Undergone 4 hrs of X-rays, over 1000 X-rays so far. Working on broken bones in the order of most life threatening-possibly more.

The Hulcey's have set up a website at CaringBridge to keep up to date.

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