Thursday, May 07, 2009

Kindergarten Cram

Today, my kindergarten-age daughter "practiced" her violin, danced a ballet (she's still in her tutu but playing horse now), rode her bike around the park, read a Miss Frizzle book, listened to several books, ran a few errands with me, and did various chores around the house. Why any parent would trade all of that and more for this instead is beyond me.
Instead of digging in sandboxes, today’s kindergartners prepare for a life of multiple-choice boxes by plowing through standardized tests with cuddly names like Dibels (pronounced “dibbles”), a series of early-literacy measures administered to millions of kids; or toiling over reading curricula like Open Court — which features assessments every six weeks.
They can have their ovals, assessments, and kindergarten cram sessions; I've got a play date with my daughter for the next 13 years that I intend to keep.

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