Monday, May 18, 2009

INCH Report

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the INCH convention and the opportunity to let other homeschoolers peek into our home and learn from our experiences - the postive and the not-so-positive.

My favorite moment of the weekend came when a young mom approached me with tears in her eys and said she felt like quitting because she "just didn't have what it takes to homeschool her children." However after listening to my talk, The Ten Commandments for the Homeschool Mom, she said felt like she could homeschool the next twenty years!

It was a nice compliment but in reality she had the confidence to homeschool all along. She just needed someone to shatter the perfect homeschool mother image she had created in her mind. I was only too glad to help in the effort. This mom, like most homeschool moms need to see homeschooling as a real option by hearing real moms share their real experiences, not just principles and platitudes that only seem to reinforce our imperfections. She needed to hear that, despite her imperfections, she is still God's perfect choice to disciple HIS children.

Some readers have emailed and asked if they can order CD's of the talks my husband and I gave. There will be available soon on the website that recorded the sessions. I'll provide the link when they become available. For those that did attend, here are the links to the post I mentioned in my workshops.

The Ten Commandments for the Homeschool Mom
Climbing Mt. Homeschooling
Don't Bend the Wire

I will be speaking at the Chicago Homeschool Expo August 7 and 8. So if you're any where near that location, I'd love to meet you too.

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