Friday, May 29, 2009

How NOT to choose a college

My husband was all set to go to Michigan State University but at the last minute he changed his mind and went to the University of Michigan. The reason? He had agreed to room with a high school friend but really didn't want to live with him. Rather than just tell him the truth and switch roommates, he switched universities. (His loss was my gain.)

College Confidential
offers up some other silly reasons students decided against a certain school. Here's a few choice comments:

"My niece ruled out Princeton solely on the basis that she disliked the tour guide's shoes."

"My young cousin wouldn't apply to Georgetown because the weather in DC means frizzy hair for most of the year. Preferred low humidity places."

"My S refused to look at WashU because an older friend who goes there told him that the entire student body has bad music in their I-Pods."

"S would not consider any school in a "red" state. "

"My older S refused to consider a "school named after a body part". Ursinus. He didn't do well in Latin"

"S would not consider Bard because the tour guide said the word vegan way too many times! "

"My D had a low tolerance for schools with lots of girls wearing Uggs, even less if they wore them in summer and even less if they wore them with mini skirts." (Spunky's daughters agree!)

And the personal favorite of this Michigan grad is, "My D wouldn't apply to Michigan because the squirrels were too big. " (Yes, they really are that big and they even have their own fan club.)

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