Monday, May 11, 2009

Homeschooling is Eco-Friendly!

America's new religion coming soon to a public school near you,

Where in the world, let alone the Constitution, does Leonard get the idea that it is the government's job to "watch out for us and take care of us?" Aren't we supposed to be watching the government?

The government has to be the biggest waster of our resources. Was that Air Force One trip to the Statue of the Liberty eco-friendly?

Leonard said she's traveled the world learning about how we consume resources in order to put this video together. I wonder how big her carbon footprint is? I've been on a plane less than 10 times my whole life!

And for that matter, I never buy juice boxes, my children don't ride in buses spewing nasty exhaust, and our nutritionally balanced lunches of home-grown veggies are never served on styrofoam plates. I'm also fairly confident we don't waste nearly as much paper as the public schools either. Think of all the trees we've saved simpoly not having to fill out useless permission slips.

So for those truly serious about saving the environment and keeping Leonard's religious beliefs from polluting their child's mind, I say homeschool.

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