Friday, May 29, 2009

The First Kiss

Last weekend, I attended the wedding of a homeschooled couple who waited until after they vowed "til death do us part" to share their first kiss. The kiss was a beautiful ending to the ceremony and an incredible way to start their married life.

We would be appalled if someone other than the bride or groom opened up the wedding gifts intended for them, but yet we don't even blush when we express our affection with multiple people before selecting "the one." A kiss, like all expressions of affection, are gifts we give to others. It's a minority of young people who choose complete purity until the altar (we waited until we were engaged) but the road less traveled is often the most challenging and the most rewarding.

The desire to refrain from kissing until the alar will probably never become a wildly popular choice, but it is fairly common among conservative Christian homeschoolers. (Even if it is just for their parent's sake.) What I will never understand is why those that disagree with this choice feel the need to mock their decision.

Recently a reporter in Nashville called it the "Virgin Lips Movement" and wrote,
"For those of you not versed in the Virgin Lips Movement, the practice takes the abstinence pledge and, as Toby Keith might say, supersizes it, encouraging you to save your first kiss till your wedding day. That's right. Never mind second and third base--you're not even getting to first. You're stuck in the on-deck circle.)....So is this Virgin Lips Movement a little creepy or what?"
It may not be his preferred choice, but is it necessary to call it creepy? I wonder what he would call teens engaging in the new "good night kiss" on their first date? Now that's creepy.

As I remind my teenagers frequently, if you don't start the car you never have to worry about putting on the brakes. Whether they follow it, is up to them.

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