Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Big Brother is Tracking Your Child

Aside from benchmarking America's education standards internationally, Obama's plan to track students from preschool through college presents a very real problem to parents, especially homeschooling parents.

In order to qualify for Obama's stimulus money, every state must develop "data infrastructure" mechanisms to track students' education from cradle to college. In his testimony before Congress, Sec. of Ed. Arne Duncan, said
"...states must build data systems that can track student performance from one year to the next, from one school to another, so that those students and their parents know when they are making progress and when they need extra attention. This information must also be put in the hands of educators so they can use it to improve instruction."
This all sounds so noble and good. Who doesn't want to "improve instruction?" But do we really need a federally mandated database to help parents know when their student is making progress?

Simply put, a tracking database isn't for the benefit of the student or their parents. It is for the benefit of the government. Children are a pool of labor to be sorted and trained for the masters use. This is nothing but social engineering to transform our economy and our nation. Students who are not educated in a public school and thus outside the tracking system will likely be considered drop-outs or non compliant, unless they can figure out a way to force them into the tracking system. After all, Obama's commited to making sure that no child is "crippled in the competition for jobs" in the global economy.

And just where do you think this leaves homeschoolers?

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