Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Should Conventions Have Childcare?

I have much to write about the convention but the question of child care at conventions came up in a recent conversation so I thought I'd bring it up here too. Brennan Dean coordinator of the Midwest Homeschool Convention wrote on the convention website, "
Prevailing wisdom is that any homeschooling Mom will have a much more productive and enjoyable convention experience if she is able to attend without bringing along a young child or children. That’s a no-brainer. But, what if a Mom has no other options? What if she either brings along a young child (or children) or stays home?
I flip and flop on this issue. I've brought my children to past conventions and we had a great family time but I've also gone solo and felt much more refreshed. So I'm not sure what the "prevailing wisdom" is for me.

My husband and I both will be speaking at the INCH convention in Lansing, MI in a few weeks and they are having an on-site children's conference, Pirates of the Cranium. We're thinking of bringing our younger two daughters with us but part of me would like to have a small get-away weekend with my husband since he couldn't attend the Midwest. So we haven't decided what we're doing yet.

Looking to 2010 Midwest Convention Dean asks,
Would you like to see an optional Children’s Program that your own children could participate in while you are attending the convention? If so…what do you feel is a reasonable “per child” charge?
What do you think?

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