Monday, April 20, 2009

Home Again, Home Again

The Cincinnati Homeschool Convention was wonderful even if the technology didn't cooperate. The WiFi in the convention hall was unreliable and the hotel only had it on the second floor mezzanine which was not very convenient.

Cincinnati is a wonderful town and the weather was awesome and if anyone ever wants to get together, it there's a Chipotle Mexican nearby I'm definitely available.

Thanks to my husband who did an amazingly outstanding job keeping the home running and getting ALL the laundry done while I was away. You are a blessings.

I'll post more thoughts about the convention soon, but it's nearly time to teach my homeschool co-op class on Money Management for Teens.

By the way, my blog template is having problems loading. It is not the fault of your computer and will hopefully be fixed soon. My apologies.

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