Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Spunky Marriage Test

As a mother of six, five of them in their teens or beyond, I'm fast approaching the age when my children will be venturing out on their own. When we talk about how our lives will change when that happens, the topic of marriage inevitably pops up. None of them are anywhere close to tying the knot just yet and I'm certainly not going to rush things But when that time does come, we'll have one request of the men who seek to marry our four daughters: let us have a look at what's one your computer and your internet history.

I don't care about the financials. From personal experience I know that two people in love can survive on Campbells soup and blueberry pie filling. But in today's world, the computer reveals the most about the character of the man and hides nothing. People lie, computers don't.

So for the young gents thinking of marrying a Braun girl, consider yourself forewarned. No further notice will be given before we show up on your doorstep wanting to have a look. After all, if a young man can't trust us to look at his computer then why should we trust him with our daughter?

(And yes, we'll tell the families of our sons' future spouses that they should impose the same test on our sons.)

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