Sunday, March 08, 2009

Bridging the gap between home and school

A public funded school in New Mexico designed to "to bridge the gap between home-school families and public schools" is being told that they must drop the Abeka Christian homeschool materials from their curriculum, despite the fact that it has been taught in the school for 11 years without opposition.

Homeschool parents tempted to accept public funds for their child's education should take note.

A public school is a public school no matter where they educate and the state always has the final say in the matter. Programs designed to "bridge the gap" are subtle attempts to make parents think they are still homeschooling and in control when they are not.

If the parent holds the authority then they are homeschooling. If another entity holds the authority then they are not. You'll know who holds the authority by who writes the teachers' paychecks. When I hire a piano teacher, I write the check. The teacher works for me. When the state writes the check, the teacher works for the state and the parents desires are secondary.

In so-called public/parent partnerships, the school determines curriculum, grading, etc. The parent is at best a facilitator who follows the state guidelines, curriculum, and tests. This is an attractive option for financial reasons but only if the parent understand the control they are giving up.

With the state there will never be a bridge to connect homeschoolers and the public schools, it has always been and always will be a one-way street.

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