Thursday, February 05, 2009

What do you think?

There is quite a bit if discussion about whether homeschoolers should participate in public school activities, but what happens when the situation is reversed?

Suppose a group of homeschool parents form a top-notch music program or a classical co-op springs up offering Latin or logic and news of this great activity travels around the surrounding area. Parents of public or private school students want their children to participate because the course is not offered in their school, or the instruction is superior to what they are currently receiving, or maybe a boy misses the cut for the high school varsity team so he wants to play on the homeschool basketball team, should the homeschoolers let the student in?

There are pros and cons.

Pros: Allowing students may reduce the financial burden or in the case of the music program increase the number of instruments in the orchestra. Additionally, it may bridge the often tense relationship between parents who choose different educational methods.

Cons: Non-homeschooled students may feel out of place in a homeschool group or if a conflict arises forcing them to choose between a school event or the homeschool event, they will likely choose the school event, especially if their grade is dependent on participation.

Should homeschool groups open their doors and welcome in non-homeschooled students?

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