Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The State of the Computer

While the rest of the world swoons over Obama's State of the Union, I'm still fretting over the state of my computer.

So, for those of readers desperate to know if I've decided on a laptop or the rest of you who are dreadfully bored with wall-to-wall Obama, I am here to report that, like any serious blogger, I decided I was for buying an Apple before I decided I was against it.

On Monday, I went to the Apple Store to have a look around. The store was crowded and made me feel really old really fast. I think I was the only one there without buds sprouting from my ears and something silver dangling from my tongue.

Trying to remain inconspicuous, I avoided all conversations with a "genius" as I tried out a few machines. I left a comment on my blog using a Mac Book Pro, logged off, and exited quietly. With its lightening speed, this was surprisingly easy to do.

The MacBook Pro definitely seemed to be the machine for me and I decided to contact Susan, Mac user and photographer extraordinaire, who commented here about the machine she had available. I was a little nervous about buying a computer from a commenter but I reasoned, "Hey, if some couples find the love of their life on E-harmony, why not a computer? And I didn't even have to endure a 500 page compatibility questionnaire, just 50 insightful comments. If this works out, maybe I'll even start a companion blog, E-Spunky: helping homeschool families find the computer of their life. It was time to dream big!"

But that was Monday and do to an unfortunate string of events, I was not able to email her until this afternoon. Since Susan's blog is called Short on Words, I got right to the point:
Dear Susan,
So I'm seriously thinking this may be my machine. How much?
Just like a Mac Pro, Susan responded quickly,
"Oh, Spunky
I just sold the machine on Craigslist."
So much for E-Spunky. The first serious relationship ended in complete incompatibility.

Which led me to seriously wonder if God was trying to keep me from biting the apple. Unlike Eve, I had the nerve to actually ask my husband what he thought about Apples. He dragged his feet with an answer, consequently, no apple. (Just think how things might have been different if Eve had done the same thing. )

Or maybe all this indecision is a sort of purgatory on my way out of Dell?

Oh dear. My apologies, I have a terrible tendency to over spiritualize in times of crisis. And this computer decision is becoming a serious crisis. Please pray for me, my eternal computing is a stake.

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