Monday, February 02, 2009

Over-the-hill homeschoolers

Yes, it is my birthday. At 46, I'm already over-the-hill and making the downward slide toward 50. I also realize that I have hit another milestone: I am now officially an over-the-hill homeschool mom. I have been educating my children for 15 years and I still have another 15 to go until I'm done. (Unless Elaina turns out to be absolutely brilliant and I enroll her in college at 12.)

To celebrate I've come up with a few ways to recognize when you've hit the midpoint of your homeschool journey:

You'll know you've become an over-the-hill homeschooling mom when....

You have a few denim jumpers in the back of your closet that haven't been worn in years, but you just can't seem to part with them.

You finally accept that you'll never live on a farm out in the country and begin to make the best of life in the suburbs.

You realize that the vendor who told you that his program was the ONLY spelling curriculum you'll ever need, lied.

You talk about college choices more than curriculum choices.

You know that everything that went wrong that day was NOT your husband's fault.

You understand that you can have a very bad year and your children will never notice.

You no longer read child training books, but gobble up everything on menopause.

You realize that some things you thought would happen never will and that's okay.

You realize that some things you never thought would happen actually do and that's okay.

You now know that with God all things are possible, even homeschooling through high school.

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