Friday, February 06, 2009

Infanticide Happens

We've talked quite a bit about abortion in the months leading up to the election. Here's a follow-up reality check for Barack Obama and others who think calling in a second physician is too burdensome when a baby is born alive after a botched abortion.

The Department of Health said Renelique was scheduled to perform an abortion on a teenager who was 23 weeks pregnant in 2006. Sycloria Williams had been given drugs in advance to dilate her cervix.

According to the complaint, she gave birth at a Hialeah clinic after waiting hours for Renelique to arrive. The complaint said one of the clinic owners put the baby in a bag that was thrown away. Police found the infant's decomposing remains a week later.

Babies born alive are citizens and deserve the same legal protection as all citizens.

In his defense, the doctor said he never intended to do abortions when he came to the United States to work:

"That was not part of my goals when I came to Florida," he said. "But I had to do it to survive."
There will never be a punishment great enough for this doctor and others like him who practice murder in order to live.

Maybe we ought to move the Guantanamo detainees to the various abortion clinics around the country, that'll get them all closed down fast! After all, compassionate liberals like Obama seem to hate torture when it's imposed on our enemies.

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