Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Spunky in real life

Posted because some days are just too memorable to forget....

Last Sunday evening, while attempting to relax after a busy church morning the phone rang...

Caller: Hello Mrs. Braun, this is Emily, director of Ever After Productions. I know that your son, Jason, is 18 so we really aren't required to call you, but I thought you should know that he was hurt during rehearsal a few minutes ago. We're not sure what happened but he collapsed onto the dance floor. We think he was hit in the face and was unconsious for a few seconds, so we called EMS. They will be here in any second but do you want to talk to Jason?

Me: Yes, of course!

Jason: Hey mom.

Me: Jason, are you okay? (Trying to sound calm.)

Jason: I think so. I'll find out for sure when they check me over.

Me: What happened?

Jason: I'm not sure, I was dancing and then the next thing I knew I was on the floor with a cold water bottle on the back of my neck. And now I'm just sitting here.

Me: We'll be right there.

We arrived just as EMS techs were finishing their exam. Thankfully, they did not see an immediate need for a trip to the hospital ER. We took our son, a bit shaken and wobbly, home to rest.

The next morning, he woke up with a good shiner under his right eye and a possible explanation.

Jason: I was going up for a jump. And I think that as my knee went up, my head went down. TKO.

Me: Well however it happened, I'm just glad you seem to be okay with no long term damage.

There's a moral lesson in this somewhere. Right now, I'm too busy feeling relieved to find out what it is and hopefully someday we're both going to look back at this and laugh. Hopefully.

(Note: This event actually happened a week ago and Jason appears to be completely back to normal, whatever normal is these days! He will be appearing as "Diesel" in the musical West Side Story this upcoming weekend. His younger brother, Josh, is playing violin in the pit orchestra. I'm very proud of both of them. If you're in the Detroit area, ticket info is here.)

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