Monday, December 15, 2008

Prisoners of purity

The YouTube clip of the homeschool boys receiving an IM from a girl is a humorous peek at teenage relationships in the technology age, but it appears that some high schoolers are bypassing IM and the often awkward "first date" in favor of "hooking up" without any expectation that it may lead to a dating relationship - much less marriage. The New York Times laments this trend as the "demise of dating." However, it isn't just the end of dating we're witnessing, but the demise of something much more valuable - purity.

At a recent homecoming in our suburban town, couples - dressed to the nines - engaged in "dances" that were usually reserved for bars in the seedy red-light district. I was told by a few ninth grade girls who attended the dance that teachers stood around and did absolutely nothing. The girls left the dance feeling dirty and violated even though they never actually went on the dance floor. Even more sad, some adolescents are not even patient enough to wait until the night of the big dance. Middle schoolers in Broward County, Florida decided the classroom would do just fine. We're talking about middle-schoolers, twelve and thirteen year old children! The sexual revolution is in its final revolution, liberating young children from any moral standard and stealing their innocence.

We prefer to remain prisoners of purity. We've taught our young adults to cherish their purity and to wait until their wedding day and a ring is on their finger. That advice sounds a bit old-fashioned. And it is. But some fashions are timeless classics that never go out of style, even in the technology age . Purity is one of them.

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